I’m Virginia, Owner of Moonlight Herbalist! My love of nature, plants, herbs, and admiring the night sky came from my mother. She taught me from childhood to care for, and respect all manner of life that surrounds us; she always made a point to stop and look at the moon when full, and admire it at all phases. Although her physical form may no longer be with us, I honor her every day by embracing this mentality, and by sharing my love of all living things as often as I can.

When I go into the garden to harvest veggies and herbs, I feel her in the breeze; I see her in the blooms; I hear her when the gentle rains fall. Her loving energy is always near, blessing my garden with beauty and positive energy.

My love for herbs has grown even more now, and I wanted to learn more about it, so I took some courses, and have earned my certificate in an Herbalism program. Through the course, I’ve not only learned how to better extract the healing properties from plants into concentrated forms, but also have learned the many functions of our complex bodies, and how these healing properties affect every aspect of them!

I will be offering herbal teas, tinctures and some skin care items with many new projects being released throughout the year!

All products are 100% Organic, Vegan, & Cruelty Free.

As the opening date (Feb 20th) is moving closer, I am so excited to get these natural herbal products on the website for you!

~With Gratitude,

Virginia, Owner of Moonlight Herbalist

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