About Me

I’m Virginia, Owner of Moonlight Herbalist! My love of nature, plants, herbs, and admiring the night sky came from my mother. She taught me from childhood to care for, and respect all manner of life that surrounds us; she always made a point to stop and look at the moon when full, and admire it at all phases. Although her physical form may no longer be with us, I honor her every day by embracing this mentality, and by sharing my love of all living things as often as I can.

When I go into the garden to harvest veggies and herbs, I feel her in the breeze; I see her in the blooms; I hear her when the gentle rains fall. Her loving energy is always near, blessing my garden with beauty and positive energy. This garden is where I harvest most ingredients for herbal tinctures, skin & hair care sprays and masks; and teas. When or if I need to outsource, I always look for sustainably sourced herbs.

My love for herbs has grown even more now that I’m in my 30s, and I wanted to learn more about it, so I took some courses, and have earned my certificate on Herbalism from the Herbal Academy. Through the course, I’ve not only learned how to better extract the healing properties from plants into concentrated forms, but also have learned the many functions of our complex bodies, and how these healing properties affect every aspect of them!

Virginia Acosta, Moonlight Herbalist

I’ll also be selling some herbal tea blends, tinctures, potions, teas and skin care products coming soon!

How to navigate this site through the menu at the top of this page:

HOME PAGE or clicking on the logo at the top of this page, will include this post! Along with any updated news I have on this site.

PRODUCTS section is where I will be posting about what I’m making for you, and it will include an ingredients list, along with a short description of how I made it. All products are plant-based, Vegan, organic and sustainably sourced. All ingredients are also moon charged – I’ll be posting all about that in the next section: moon magick.

MOON MAGICK section is where I post all about our amazingly beautiful moon that blesses us with its many faces every evening. This section will have a description of charging water, crystals, or anything with moon energy, what that means, and how to do it, and also moon rituals you can practice at home!

MATERIA MEDICA section is where I’ll be posting about specific herbs as often as I can. It will include it’s medicinal properties, what it can be used for and how best to take it.

My goal here is to share with you some of my herbal remedies, and also to share my love of nature, plants, and the Moon in hopes that everyone can learn to love nature just a little more each day!

SEARCH section is for those viewing this site on a mobile device; it’s easier to find and through it, you can search for specific herbs that can be located in the Materia Medica section. If it yields no results, it may be early in the game and I haven’t added it yet. My goal is to add 2 herbs per week, so it will slowly build up as we go. You can also search for any products that I will be selling. Products expected to go on sale spring of 2021.

~Blessed be,

Virginia, Owner of Moonlight Herbalist

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