Moon Magick

The idea of the Moon as magickal stems from the idea that the Moon’s phases (her monthly cycle), reflects the phases of life. New Moon representing her birth, waxing (growing) representing her as a maiden. When full, she is mothering (pregnant), and Waning representing old age or inevitable death. Life itself is reflected, and therefore connected to the Moon herself. Attuning yourself to the magick of the Moon, means being more connected with nature and your own natural rhythms aligning with the energies of the Moon’s powerful 8 phases to focus and refine what you intentionally want to invite into, or rid from, your life. Moon magick is all about learning the phases of the moon, understanding its relation to Nature and harnessing its power to set and act on intentions. Think of it as a somewhat meditative way of reflecting on life.

The Moon Phases

New Moon: Beginning of her Cycle – (Cleansing)

New Moon is the time to initiate new relationships, look for a new job/career, get a new haircut, make positive changes. Pay attention to new people in your life.

Waxing Crescent: Growing light illuminates intentions and intuition

First Quarter: Strong light brings focus to maximize intentions

Waxing Gibbous: Increasing excitement and energy; nurture hopes and dreams until visible in the Full Moon

Full Moon: Energy, abundance, fruition, gratitude; also a time of cleansing and letting go

Waning Gibbous: Reflection, learning, refining based on lessons learned

Last Quarter: Acknowledge and release; a time of forgiveness

Waning Crescent: End of the cycle – renewal and inward reflection, in thoughtful darkness, as a new cycle begins

New Moon Rituals

Affirmations: “I welcome new opportunities and experiences

The new moon is all about cleansing, and beginnings. Many use full moon energy for cleansing crystals, herbs, and water, but the new moon has a similar strong energy for this purpose as well. So if you miss the full moon for that purpose, you don’t have to wait the full 28 days to get back to it.

August new moon 2020: Rare 'Black Moon' brings dark skies for stargazing |  Space

New moon rituals usually include some sort of meditation visualization of what you want to enter your life at this moment and in the next few weeks. Think about what is happening at home, at work, with your loved ones – has something changed since last new moon?; think about anyone new in your life; have you been welcoming? Think about new opportunities that lay ahead and what you could do now to prepare for all to come.

Cleansing rituals often include herbal baths. If you have a bathtub, prep warm water with salts and include herbs that have cleansing/purifying properties; some include: lavender, echinacea flowers, sage, and Rosehips. you can also add essential oil to bring a wonderful scent into your ritual. As you bathe, reflect in all of the negativity you’re washing off and meditate on all of the good energy you are taking in from these herbs! If you do not have a bath tub, and only a shower, make a bathing tea bag to hang just beneath your shower head. Do this by filling an empty tea bag (or a few) with these cleansing herbs and tying it closed with twine. Or simply enjoy a cup of tea with these herbs as you focus on your intentions.

You can also journal: set aside a journal just for these rituals and write down your intentions for the coming days/weeks so that you can look back on it.

Any way you plan your New Moon ritual, plan on setting the mood to help you in your intentions. Light candles, burn some sage, and prep some tea to enjoy during the process. Try to be either outdoors or near a window where you could admire the moon (even if you can’t see it) Take the time to really focus. Never rush through the process; always try to set at least 5 minutes aside to really take in the energy for these rituals, and for all other Moon rituals. It’s not only a great way to de-stress, but also a great way to really appreciate the Moon.

Waxing Moon Rituals

Affirmation: “I have worked hard and am grateful for all that I receive”

When the Moon is waxing, it appears to slowly grow in the sky. This is a time of gathering energy and expand on things in your life. Get aggressive and start acting on things you set your intentions on during New Moon rituals.

Waxing Crescent Moon' Photographic Print - Eckhard Slawik |

If you have not set any intentions for the next few weeks, take a step back and focus on that; if you have, now’s the time to focus on organizing and planning out how to attain your goals. If you have started aggressively working on your intentions, reflect on how wonderful it feels to be on track.

During this phase, journaling is my favorite thing to do. Whether it is in a notebook, or on a document you’re typing out on a digital device, now’s the time to write out what you are doing to make your intentions a reality. If you feel that nothing has been advancing, take a moment to clear your mind and meditate on how it’s been going since New Moon; sometimes it may feel that you are walking in place, but when you look outside the box, you may notice that you’ve done more than you think!

Make a list of any one who has been helping you reach your goals and make sure to thank them later with an act of kindness.

As the Moon gets closer to Full, she is bursting with energy the larger she grows! This is a time to reflect on gratitude. Look at the moon and thank her for giving us her energy; make a list of all things you’re grateful for: loved ones, food, a roof over your head, meeting a new friend, the opportunity at a new job (whether you get it or not), even any bumps in the road that have knocked you off trail have some lessons that come with it. Gratitude isn’t about looking at your life and realizing it’s amazing. It’s about accepting everything with an open heart and appreciating everything that comes to you; good or bad.

Full Moon Rituals

Affirmation: “I am charged with energy and ready to take anything head on”

Benefits of rituals are bountiful. Even if you do not believe in the amazing power of the Moon, these rituals help you to calm the mind, and focus your thoughts on all positive aspects of your daily life! Rituals allow you to place full, deep intention in anything you want to let go, let into your life.

When the moon is full, its strong gravitational pull on the Earth (and the sun) makes for a time of peak creative energy and incredibly powerful intuitive breakthroughs. It’s about embodiment. The full moon amplifies everything that you’ve been working on during the waxing phases. Take time to reflect on what the full moon brings up for you. Get outside at night and let the light of the moon shine upon you. Let her light nourish your soul.

Manifestation Meditation: Meditate by light of the moon; either early morning or late evening. Light an intention or manifestation candle; Envision all of your goals come into fruition. A good meditation exercise is to take deep breaths and visualize the light from the moon glittering on you. With each inhale, imagine you are breathing in the moonlight, and exhaling love and gratitude.

Purification Ritual: Full moon amplifies purification, so this is a great time to cleanse your home with a sage smudge! After smudging, find a fire-proof bowl/container, and collect any of these herbs for protection against negativity in your home: Juniper, Rosemary, Fennel, St. John’s Wort, Elderberries, Bay Leaf, Mugwort, Yarrow, Birch, Sandalwood, Cedar. Even just one of these herbs will be beneficial; and they can be fresh or dried. As the herbs burn, meditate or visualize all forms of bad energy being released from your home. Picture the smoke brightening up your home as it travels through the air into every crevice.

Crystal Charging: Wash your crystals first under running water and then place them outside in the moonlight to purify them and strengthen their individual energy. If you don’t have a place outdoors to leave them, you can keep them near an open window. The light of the full moon is strong for around three days so leave them out for longer if you feel called to do so. Please note the consistency of your crystals when washing; some dissolve with water – in this case, you can cleanse them with salt.

Waning Moon Rituals

Affirmation: “I am Strong, Powerful and I will Thrive”

A Waning moon is one that is slowly shrinking. As the nights go one, it will slowly get smaller and smaller, leading to a New Moon. Light disseminates, and there is a call to do internal work of seeking answers. Now’s the time to be committed to yourself. Embrace the ease of letting things go; whether that’s negative energy, or an argument you’re having with someone. Just Let. It. Go.

Waning Moon - Moon Phases - The White Goddess

Meditation for Releasing: This is one of my favorite forms of mediation. So relaxing. It is all about releasing tension. To do this, simply Lay on your back on a yoga mat, in bed, on the grass outside… anywhere you feel comfortable where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes, and begin focusing on your body. Scan for any tension beginning with your head. Relax your eyebrows. If your jaw is clenched, release that tension unclench it. Move down towards your chest, and arms, relaxing each muscle as you focus on it. Then head down to your abdomen, pelvic area, legs and feet. Let every muscle lay relaxed with minimal tension. If needed, check back on your jaw, I’ve noticed many of us tend to hold tension there during a time when we are stressed or have a lot on our minds. It’s very important to relax this area, as it may cause headache to have too much tension there. Try to do 3 full body scans before ending the meditation. You could take 3 minutes, or 30 minutes, depending on how much tension your body is holding. Try not to end until you feel fully relaxed. While doing this meditation, you could light candles or incense if you like, but it is not necessary.

If you do have a Moon journal, now is the time to reflect on what has happened since the New Moon. Were you able to set your intentions early on and reach your goal by Full Moon? If not, what can you do differently during this next cycle to make sure you can achieve this? Who has been there for you during this time? …what can you do to express gratitude to them?

Monthly Full Moon Blessings

Full Moon’s Historical Nam: Wolf Moon

January’s cold and dark leave Nature’s food sources in scarce supply. Howling, hungry wolves are said to be the inspiration for hte name of January’s moon. Consider honoring January’s Moon with purposeful gratitude for bountiful food and clean water.

Moon, Shine bright that I may always find food to feed my body, mind and soul – I give thanks for your nourishing energy

Full Moon’s Historical Name: Snow Moon

A snowy month in many parts of North America gave this moon her fitting name. With colder temperatures in many areas, and increased time inside, consider enjoying a cup of hot tea in the Full Moon’s glow while observing Nature’s beautiful winter landscape Honor your individual beauty and gifts at this time.

Brilliant Moon, relieve winter’s darkness that descends over sky and spirit – Let beauty flow in all that I do

Full Moon’s Historical Name: Worm Moon

As the earth softens with warming temperature, earthworms are busy at work. Consider what you have been putting off and commit to achieving your goals.

Fair Moon, awaken my heart, lest time be gone too fast
Fair Moon, awaken my eyes to conquer all goals at last

Full Moon’s Historical Name: Pink Moon

April’s Moon heralds the first spring blossoms. Let April’s Full Moon inspire beauty in all you see and do. Acknowledge the Moon’s influence with kind words to a friend, and a kind words to yourself.

Your blossoming light reveals beauty to no end. With Song in your heart, feel thankful for the brightness in your sou.

Full Moon’s Historical Name: Flower Moon

A time when life is in full bloom. Offter thanks to the Universe for all that is good in your life. Be present, in the moment to accept her rewards.

O’Moon, among stars, your beams I behold – your shimmering arms do gently enfold

Full Moon’s Historical Name: Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Harvest typically occurs in North America. When June’s Full Moon is above, set an intention to savor life’s flavorful moments to their fullest – no matter how humble or grand.

Full Moon, fill me with strength where I fail, Joy where I succeed, and Courage to continue the fight

Full Moon’s Historical Name: Buck Moon/ Thunder Moon

Pay attention to possible energy shifts – often in oppsoing directions. Stay focused, but be open to change and new information.

Mystic Moon, whose guiding presence has shown throughout the ages, by foot or by sea or imagined be, each journey is unlike another. Instill in me the clarity to walk my path uncluttered

Full Moon’s Historical Name: Sturgeon Moon

The Sturgeon are in full run, as observed by North American fishing tribes. Let the Moon’s light illuminatethe bounty in your lfe. Take stock of what you may be missing and set intentions to reap the benefits surrounding you.

Bountiful Moon, I ask that you fill the world with kindness, peace, and prosperity.

Full Moon’s Historical Name: Harvest Moon

Time for Harvest! – The Moon’s bright light once helped farmers work late into the night during fall harvest. Consider what you may need more time to accomplish. Absorb the Moon’s energy to light your way. This may be a marvelous night for a Moon Dance!

Your song of night sings quietly, sweet melody I hear. Enticed – I sway, I dance, I pray. Dear Moon, help guide my way.

Full Moon’s Historical Name: Hunter’s Moon

Moonlight offered hunters the chance to harvest food for the winter; bright light once meant longer hunting times. October’s Full Moon is a sign to ‘stock up’ for Winter. Dig deep into your inner reserves adn feed your soul with kindness and encouragement. Take a moment to honor those who have nourished you along the journey.

A Hunter’s Moon reminds us how our work is never done. Waste not a day, though, stop adn say, I’ve not done this alone

Full Moon’s Historical Name: Beaver Moon

A time when beavers are busy building dams. Like the beavers in their damn, now may be a good time for relaxation. Bathe in the Moonlight; give yourself the power of the Moon and feel her balancing energy.

A break I seek to calm the mind and quiet restless days. Send moonbow beams to whisper dreams and carry me away.

Full Moon’s Historical Name: Cold Moon

Though Ice may hang from eaves above, your warmth shines bright & true. Keep watch above as night grows long, that love doth see us through